Bathroom Renovation Advice for the perfect bathroom makeover

Thoughtful bathroom renovation advice isn’t always easy to come by when planning the perfect bathroom makeover. When renovating your bathroom, however, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you take the time to think through what you are wanting to change and research the numerous options available to you. Since you could be spending anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for your bathroom renovation, it makes sense to take your time in this all-important planning phase. We would break this down into three important steps.

Bathroom Renovation Advice – Tip 1: Do Your Research

Take your time familiarizing yourself with what is available on the market and being talked about online. Determine what is important to you with respect to bathroom renovation trends. Do you want an eco-friendly bathroom (all-natural materials)? One that is ultra-trendy (modern fixtures) or cost-efficient (conserves on water)? This will all be helpful when picking out the overall design, colors, and look-and-feel as well as the types of fixtures available to you.

Bathroom Renovation Advice Tip 2: Plan, Plan, Plan

Is your bathroom well organized when it comes to space? Do you find yourself banging into things, challenged with a lack of space with respect to storing essential items, or unhappy with the dated look of your bathroom? It’s important to list all of the things that you notice about your bathroom that you would like to change. You may not be able to do it all at once, but creating a plan will help you determine 1) the tasks you wish to accomplish 2) the necessary budget it would take to carry them out 3) a plan and budget to tackle all of your tasks in an orderly and doable fashion.

Bathroom Renovation Advice Tip 3: Choose Carefully

Some do-it-yourselfers do wonderful research and develop a great plan when trying to complete the perfect bathroom makeover. And then fail to choose their options carefully. Be sure to take your time with your choices. The cheapest choice is not always the best choice. You may find that “cheap” may mean replacing an item sooner than you thought or re-doing a task. Whether it comes to fixtures, paint, tile, or integral tasks (such as plumbing), it’s best to ask questions.

  • Will a cheaper tile on the floor be more slippery?
  • Will a cheaper paint require more coats?
  • Should your door swing inward or outward?

Sometimes we are not always aware of the choices and the reasons experts choose option A over B, which is why it is almost always a good idea to confer with an experienced Bathroom Designer, such as Bathrooms Are Us at your local store or at an online resource. Choosing carefully, which should be preceded by asking the right questions, will help you save money and get the bathroom you really want in the end, the perfect bathroom makeover.

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