How do I pick a colour for my vanity?

How do I pick a colour for my vanity?

When it comes to vanities there are so many different layouts, looks and colours to choose from. It can be difficult – so we’ve created this blog with some helpful tips.

The first thing you should select for any bathroom renovation is your tiles. Tiles are the foundation for your bathroom – so the colours are generally the starting point for your whole design.

This is fantastic news for you because nearly every tile store has qualified designers on site that will help you with this selection.

Now to vanity colour..

ADP, Timberline, and Rifco all offer a wide range of vanities in laminex, Dulux, or polytec finishes. They are all available to see online, however…

Tip 1: Never rely on how a colour looks online/in the brochure

Screen resolutions and print outs vary dramatically! Something that looks red on screen/print out, can look bright orange on another. The variation between the online sample colours and what you get in person is very different. The brochure just gives you a rough idea of the colour range.

Tip 2: Go to your local store in person 

This way you can see an actual colour sample or – potentially – a made vanity in your selected colour

Tip 3: Bring your tile sample to compare

By bringing your tile samples you can compare them directly to the colour samples to ensure a cohesive colour scheme

Tip 4: Chose a colour and grab a few samples within their range

Grab a couple of samples – you may change your mind or, your designer may want a range of options. This way you can hold a few options up in your bathroom space as well.

Tip 5: Look closely at the sample. 

Many colour options have underlying tones (e.g. brown or grey) which may not initially be obvious. Have a close look at your sample as these undertones will be a lot more obvious when you have the vanity!

Tip 6: Ask Questions! 

We’re here to help. Ask any questions you’d like. Do you need a bathroom renovation company in Brisbane?

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