Why Choose a Professional For Your Bathroom Design?

Save money by hiring a professional bathroom designer. Bathrooms Are Us offer affordable bathroom renovations.

At Bathrooms Are Us, our expert designers can take every dollar of your budget further. This means optimising the layout, selecting the best accessories, and ensuring the end result matches your vision.

Poorly designed bathrooms and a lack of planning can lead to costly renovation blunders:

  • Vanities and other bathroom pieces not fitting
  • Hitting your budget before completion
  • Poor construction and plumbing (leading to expensive repairs in the near future)
  • Ineffective waterproofing and ventilation, leading to damaged walls, growth of mould, and potentially rotting
  • But working with a professional bathroom designer can allow you to:
A newly renovated bathroom.

However, this isn’t to say that you have zero input. The mission of our bathroom designers is to solidify the vision you have for your ideal bathroom. Then, we’ll turn it into reality. It is absolutely essential for you to work closely with our designers to ensure the best outcome possible.

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The most important aspect of finally deciding on your design in particular is the overall theme. What kind of overall design would you like your bathroom to reflect? More importantly, will this style mesh well and accent the overall design theme of the rest of your living space?

Anybody can pick a certain bathroom style theme and roll with it. But it takes a special type of talent to ensure that not only will everything in your bathroom accent and pop off of everything contained therein, but to also make sure that it does the same thing with all of the other rooms of your house and your overall living space’s design as a whole

What Style Of Bathroom Design Are You After?

One of the most important aspects of your bathroom design is choosing an overall theme. This overarching style will dictate the choice of materials used. In most cases, you’ll also want this to complement the rest of your home to allow for a seamless transition between rooms. While having an extravagantly designed bathroom might not be what you’re after, there are countless styles for you to choose from. Ranging from more simplistic and sleek styles to intricate designs and accented pieces. Some ideas for bathroom styles include:
Modern bathroom with floor to ceiling large format tiles an large white bathtub
A Timeless modern bathroom
This includes neutral colours, often shades of grey, black, and white. With a focus on a sleek design with minimal pieces, this is perfect for more modern homes and those who live a minimalist lifestyle.
Rustic bathroom with wood look tiles
Beautiful rustic bathroom

Perfect for older homes or specially themed areas of your property. Rustic bathrooms implement wood finishes for a refreshing look compared to the more common modern bathroom. This can include wooden floors, wooden vanities, and rustic lights to enhance the theme. Our team of professional bathroom designers can ensure the woods are protected from the water in your bathroom and allow for a long-lasting bathroom.

Classic bathroom white white tiles and freestanding bathtub
A classic bathroom with freestanding bath
A classic bathroom can incorporate intricate tile patterns, splashes of colour, and wooden accents. Combining this with more modern bathroom options, you can achieve a contemporary design that stands out from the rest.