Bathrooms Are Us, Are Thrilled to now be selling and supplying Ewing Tapware.

Bathrooms Are Us, Are Thrilled to now be selling and supplying Ewing Tapware.

Fusing innovation and design is the core principle by which Ewing Industries operates.  Ewing patented technologies and registered designs are at the forefront of our reputation for manufacturing high-quality, technically advanced plumbing products.  A commitment to international quality standards has ensured Ewing Tapware continues to be the preferred choice for commercial and domestic plumbing applications.

Ewing Industries and its associated research and development companies, hold patents and registered designs on many plumbing products sold worldwide. The Ewing Industries product development program is continuing to develop and release new products into the Australian, South Pacific, Asian, European, and North American plumbing market places.

With a wide range of design, manufacturing, and distribution resources available to Ewing Industries via the Ewing Family Group of companies, Ewing’s as it is colloquially known is viewed by many as one of the most progressive, privately owned, plumbing manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling organizations based in Australia.

Introducing Maxus SBA The new and improved Maxus SBA allows plumbers to select the rotation option that best suits the operating environment. A quarter, half, or three-quarter turn is all available within the one SBA. The previous Maxus only allowed a quarter or three-quarter turn.

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