Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Classic style bathroom 


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Looking To Renovate Your Bathroom?

Looking for bathroom renovation ideas?

At Bathrooms are us we understand that it can be difficult to come up with bathroom renovation Ideas or to even plan the design of your bathroom, especially if you’re not experienced in renovations.

You might be struggling to determine what is possible for your home, what you can afford, and the possible style choices that exist. This is where our professional bathroom designers and renovators can leverage their award-winning 37 yrs of experience to help you bring your perfect bathroom renovation ideas to fruition.

How it works

First, we’ll work with you to determine your needs. For example, is this renovation for the purpose of reselling your home? Is it to enhance your quality of life?

Depending on these, different designs may be required, as the budget will be a factor. Bathrooms Are Us will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your bathroom renovation ideas, and help you turn them into a practical reality.

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Bathroom Style Ideas

Primarily there are three main types of bathroom renovation ideas or styles for you to choose from. From these, you can modify the styles to suit your own unique tastes and create a bathroom like no other.

Some main styles include:


A traditional, classic bathroom has been — and will continue to be — a foundation for many great homes. Smooth tones and calming hues can give your bathroom an aura of being a luxurious spa or a fancy hotel bathroom. It is no wonder why this style has continued to be built by so many. If you live in an older home, classic bathroom renovation ideas are often the best choice.


With new philosophies of design, a modern bathroom offers sleek counters and simple shapes which indicate luxury and introduces a pleasantness to the human eye. This often means minimalistic vanities, neutral colours, and convenient accessories.


For bathroom renovation ideas, you could look to the past. Do you love the intricate designs, colours, and patterns of older bathrooms? Antique inspired bathroom renovations can look beautiful in the right homes. An antique design could include colourful walls and brass fittings as well as patterned, marble tiling that create an atmosphere of sophistication.

However, it’s important to keep the design of your bathroom consistent with your home. If you have modern living spaces, you wouldn’t want an antique-inspired bathroom.

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Our team can inspect your area, create a detailed plan, and even draw a detailed 3D CAD drawing so you know exactly what the end result will look like.

Whether you’re looking for an extravagant bathroom renovation for your commercial building, or a more modest budget renovation for home — Bathrooms Are Us can deliver outstanding service and design.