5 Things that Bathrooms Are Us does differently.

At Bathrooms Are Us, we do things differently. See below 5 of the points that differentiate us from other companies. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom in Brisbane, we can help. Call us today on (07) 3216 5855.

1. We value convenience.

Our Cloud base Online project-management allows you to access all information about your renovation online. This means you will be able to access the schedule, trades, and important documents on the go with your laptop or smartphone.

2. We have a vision (3D Bathroom CAD drawings)


You may have an idea about how everything is going to look like when it’s finished, but how do you know that the company you have chosen also share that vision?  Full designer 3D CAD Drawings of your bathroom are included as standard after the deposit is made.

3. We value quality.


We understand that it is the small things that come together to create a long-lasting, high-quality bathrooms. We create your dream bathroom using high-quality materials from reputable suppliers with an outstanding warranty. We use polished box aluminum trims; overlay our mirrors and cornices after tiling is completed, and use safety flood stops and mini-stop valves as standard so your house is protected. Optional shower screen coating to glass with Enduro shield.

4. We listen.


While we offer advice on bathrooms products and tiles, the final decision is always up to you. We listen to your requests, endeavoring to create your dream bathroom to your specification. 

5. We guarantee your renovation.



The Housing Industry Association (HIA) recommends using their contract, as it exceeds industry standards. We use HIA contracts for every renovation and provide a thorough initial proposal so there are no hidden extras. All of your work is insured by QBCC. All work is guaranteed for six and a half years, and all bathrooms products have manufacturer warranties.

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